Zero Trust Cybersecurity

Authonet Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a very effective method to protect the data of small to large businesses from theft and ransomware

- The Authonet Zero Trust gateway is an advanced and affordable solution for any business
- Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) can block phishing attacks and similar exploits
- Authenticate only pre-approved computers and trusted devices
- Authenticate users with multi-factor authentication (MFA) to eliminate password theft
- Set rules for what each user can access in the network and what is off limits
- Set rules for Internet access to allow and block website connections
- Monitor network access to alert failed authentication attempts
- Disable network access for any suspect device or user
- Cloud configuration and monitoring is available for managed service providers
- Authonet implements the National Institute of Standards and Technology Zero Trust Architecture
- Zero Trust technology protects many businesses like Google and Amazon

Authonet has no recurring charges, no charges per user, and no other fees after purchase

Is my business at risk from a cyber attack?

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How do cyber criminals attack?

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Can Zero Trust security protect my business?

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increase of business ransomware attacks year over year


of attacked businesses paid the ransom but did not recover the data

12 days

average business downtime during a ransomware attack


of successful ransomware attacks are made via phishing


of global cyber crimes in 2022 were due to ransomware


of 2022 ransomware attacks were to US businesses

$ 570K

was the average ransomware payment in 2021


of executives believe the ransomware threat is exaggerated

An Authonet Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) cybersecurity gateway

will reduce the risk of a successful cyber attack

Upgrading a business computer network to add Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) cybersecurity with multi-factor authentication (MFM) is simple with an Authonet gateway.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) cybersecurity has six characteristics that protect a business from attack:
1. Do not trust any device or user attempting to connect to the network until authenticated.
2. Authenticate devices using a hardware profile.
3. Authenticate users with multi-factor authentication (MFA), login with a mobile phone one-time password (OTP).
4. Set limits on what IP range the user computer can access in the network; otherwise access is blocked.
5. Set limits on what the user computer can access outside the network, e.g. block access to personal emails.
6. Monitor network access and alert suspect conditions such as failed authentication attempts; disable suspect devices.

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IT Service Providers: Protect your Customers from a Cyber Attack

Videos: Authonet stops password theft, phishing attacks and monitors the network for intrusions

VIDEO for IT service providers
Part 1

Authonet ZTNA cybersecurity features.

VIDEO for IT service providers
Part 2

Configuring the Authonet ZTNA Product.

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Part 3

The Authonet ZTNA product in use.

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A cyber protection plan for IT service providers.

Authonet Zero Trust cybersecurity gateway features

Authonet manufactures two Zero Trust cybersecurity products for small and medium businesses, with more products to be launched later in 2023.
The A300 with 300Mb/s throughput is suitable for a business with 15 to 25 employees.
The A1000 with 1Gb/s throughput is suitable for businesses with 50 to 100 employees.
The Authonet gateway products do not have a limit for the number of devices and people that can be authenticated. The number of people that can be connected to the network depends on the data traffic volume required for the business operations.

Simple interface and setup

Authonet security devices are easy to configure and manage.

Zero Trust

Trust no device or user connecting to the network until authenticated.

Access control

Verify device and user identities to authorize network access.

2-factor authentication

Optional one-time password (OTP) text confirms the users identity.


Determine what each user can access in the network and Web.

For smaller businesses

Powerful Zero-Trust cybersecurity is now affordable for smaller businesses.

Cloud management

Optional cloud management subscription for configuration and monitoring.

Status reporting

Identify and report any unauthorized access attempt.


Log the event and notify the administrator when a rule is breached.

Include Authonet Zero Trust cybersecurity as part of a comprehensive cyber-protection plan

Upgrade the network infrastructure with an Authonet gateway


Plan now to implement business cybersecurity to protect against data theft or a ransomware attack before it's too late.

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Staff cyber-awareness training is essential; provide a reporting channel to take fast action with potential attacks.

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Upgrade the network infrastructure for Zero Trust cybersecurity with an Authonet end point gateway.

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Prepare for the worst case cyber attack scenario; develop and test a ransomware data recovery plan.

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