About Authonet


years delivering cybersecurity solutions

Our company began developing our core firewall access control technology in 2003 for the Linux operating system. Prior to this our engineers built software for the telecommunications industry, which uses access control technology extensively to manage subscriber networks. We saw many applications for our unique and versatile software technology outside the telecommunications industry.

The first application of our firewall technology was with network appliances for business network management. Our products offered advanced features to manage the Internet service, but were also very easy and intuitive to install and use. Following this we expanded our technology for Zero Trust cybersecurity segment, developing end point security products with multi-factor authentication. Today we are building the second generation of Zero Trust end point security products that include cloud management, a subscription service provided for managed service providers who are responsible for the cybersecurity services for small, medium and large businesses.

Just a few years ago the critical path for cyber attacks was the Internet connection into the network and many businesses installed firewall products to block the cyber criminals. The cyber criminals adapted with new attack techniques and today 75% of attacks are made through the network end points via a Trojan virus installed on a user computer. Businesses are becoming aware of the value of end point security when combined with other security measures to prevent cyber attacks. We provide information for businesses about the steps that can be taken to minimize the risk of a cyber attack.

Authonet Zero Trust end point security products offer high performance with high reliability. The unique Authonet technology is very simple to install and use: truly plug and play. Authonet products are very powerful tools that protect a business from cyber hackers by enhancing cybersecurity. The Authonet product name is derived from Network Authorization, the key technology that powers end point security products.

Authonet is part of the Fire4 Group UK, a leading provider of network technology solutions for businesses and government entities.