Authonet Endpoint Security Products

Authonet W90 Wireless Authentication, Monitoring and Management Gateway

Authonet Firewall w-90

The Authonet W90 is a network endpoint wireless security appliance for small businesses that determines what devices and what users can have access to the business network, and after authentication will determine what can be accessed and what is blocked in both the network and the Internet. Authonet products are unique in providing 2-Factor authentication in a low-cost product. 2-Factor user authentication is essential for network security. The W90 can identify and alert any non-authorized attempt to access the network preventing users connecting devices that may have a virus. Real-time reports are available showing approved authenticated and connected devices, and showing un-approved devices. All authonet products can monitor other network products for failure and send an alarm when any failure is detected. Authonet product are zero-trust which means that any device or user connecting to the network must be authenticated before access is allowed. The W90 is configurable and customizable for any business network application. Configuration of the W90 does not require a high degree of technical skill, the easy-to-use graphic user interface is very intuitave to use. The W90 can also be monitored and managed remotely by a subscription cloud account that permits businesses to hand over the management of the network security to an IT service company or managed service provider. The cloud can monitor Authonet products for failure and send out alerts if a failure occurs.

Authonet W90 Network Connections

Authonet W-75 connectors

Technical specifications

  • Authentication configurations
  • Verify MAC of device, if approved user can connect
  • MAC not verified, user required to enter password
  • MAC not verified, user required to 2FA with OTP
  • Verify MAC of device, user required to enter password
  • Verify MAC of device, user required to 2FA with OTP

  • Filtering configurations
  • Specify allowed network IP range
  • Specify blocked network IP range
  • Specify allowed Internet public IP’s /domains
  • Specify blocked Internet public IP’s /domains
  • Specify category filtering using Cisco openDNS subscription

  • Monitoring configurations
  • Check identified devices in LAN network, report status
  • On a device failure send an alert to admin

  • Reporting configurations
  • List the authenticated users
  • List IP requests but not authenticated, check for intruder
  • Set time limit, IP request without authentication, alert admin
  • Failed authentication, send alert to admin

  • Performance
  • Nominal throughput: 90Mb/s

  • Ethernet
  • WAN (secure network) RJ-45 100Mb/s
  • LAN (user network) RJ-45 4 ports, 100Mb/s
  • WLAN (user network) 802.11/n 150Mb/s

  • Dimensions and power
  • 18cm x 10cm x 3cm
  • 12 volt external power supply, 1A 110v/220v

  • Support
  • Free support via the online ticket system
  • Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm GMT

  • Warranty
  • 1 year for product defects
  • Free firmware upgrades
  • See terms and conditions of use

  • Operation
  • Commercial grade equipment

  • Authonet Cloud management
  • Remote configuration of gateway parameters
  • Create groups, group gateways
  • Performance reports from gateways
  • Group performance reports
  • Alerting if any gateway fails